Monday, April 30, 2007

4/29/07 Children's March in LA

4/29/07 Children's March in LA

March 25 Coalition, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, FOMUUSA and Latinos Against War
Contact: Javier Rodriguez (323) 702-6397 Gloria Saucedo (818) 919-4718 Emmanuelle Leal (702) 372-5491 William Torres (323) 228-2753
MEDIA ADVISORY: April 28, 2007

Children & Youth March for Immigrant Family Unity

March & Rally to LA City Hall

When: 10 a.m. Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where: Starting at Our Lady Queen of Los Angeles Church @ 535 N. Main Street, LA, 90012

Whe: Starting at Our Lady Queen of Los Angeles Church @ 535 N. Main Street, LA, 90012

Children of immigrant families will march for family unity, to draw attention to the ICE raids that have divided and disrupted families.

Hundreds of immigrant families and their children will march to draw attention to the inhumane raids and deportations. Immigration officials have launched an attack on immigrant families leaving many children without their parents in countless stories across the country.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Media Advisory - Businesses to Close on May 1

March 25 Coalition

Contact: Javier Rodriguez (323) 702-6397 or William Torres (323) 228-2753


April 27, 2007

Local businesses will announce their closing on May 1st 2007 to support the Great American Boycott II. They are demanding legalization for ALL immigrants and are calling an END to raids & deportations by ICE.

What: Press Conference of Local Businesses

When: 12 Noon, Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where: La Placita Church @ 555 N. Main St. LA across from Olvera St. Next to Virgin of Guadalupe Altar.

Los Angeles businesses will hold a press conference to announce the closure of their businesses on May 1st 2007 in support of the Great American Boycott II and will join the national call for immigration reform and legalization for all undocumented immigrants.

The Great American Boycott called locally by the March 25 Coalition and coordinated nationally by the May Day Movement for Worker & Immigrants Rights is calling for NO economic activity, NO shopping, NO work and NO school.

In Los Angeles, California and other parts of the country, the 2006 Great American Boycott successfully closed a portion of the economy, showing what a day without immigrants in the economy signifies. The boycott affected every major commercial venue where Latinos/as, and other immigrants, are a majority and shop as well as where they work.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Viva May Day by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Viva May Day -

by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal is the most well-known death row political prisoner in the world. The African American revolutionary journalist was framed-up for a crime he didn’t commit. His real so-called crime is standing up to and speaking out against injustice everywhere. On May 17 in Philadelphia, Mumia’s lawyers will present oral arguments before a federal district court to demand a new trial for him. If this appeal is turned down, Mumia could face an execution date.

Mumia is a strong defender of immigrant rights and the rights of all workers. Just as ICE is deporting and demonizing immigrant workers, the police are trying to silence Mumia with a legal lynching. Mumia is standing in solidarity with us today. Let us stand in solidarity with him on May 17.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

List Your May 1 Activity
If you are organizing a May 1 event in your area and would like to have it listed please send us an email at Make sure that you provide us with the location, time, contact info, and a link to flyers announcing the event.

Hunger Strike for Legalization, Support Grows!

Latinos Against War

Contact: Carlos Montes (213) 712-0370


April 25, 2007

Hunger Strike for Legalization, Support Grows!

What: Hunger Strike 3nd Day

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Starts: La Placita Church

535 N. Main Street, across from Olvera St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Independent Port Truckers Association joins Hunger for Legalization. The Hunger Strike for Legalization is receiving wide support after kicking off its first day Monday, April 23 with 14 people. Staying over night members of FOMUUSA, March 25 Coalition, Latinos Against War, & Casa El Salvador stayed in tents to call for real immigration reform and an end to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), raids and deportations.

Participantes include: Galdys Pinto, Javier Rodriguez and Carlos Montes.

The March 25 Coalition is calling on all sectors of the community to participate in the hunger strike by committing to one or more days.

The groups are calling all to participate in the May 1, 2007 Grand Boycott II, by no shopping, no work, no school, no economic activity. Also, to join the march & rally set for Tuesday, 12 noon on May 1, 2007 starting at Olympic and Broadway.

LAW continues to protest the presence of military recruiters on high schools and ICE agents in the Eastside. The military recruiters target immigrant Latino youth to serve as soldiers in this immoral war to kill families in Iraq! With the reward of U.S. citizenship as an incentive. While their parents are victims of deportations by the (ICE).

The immigrant community will also voice their opposition to President Bush's immigration plan, the current ICE raids and demand a plan for legalization.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

JOIN US on the Hunger Strike

Media Advisory-Photo-op

EMMANUELL LEALE 702-372-5491
GLORIA SAUCEDO 818-919-4718
JOHN PARKER 323-936-7266
WILLIAM TORRES 323-228-2753


all 12 to 15 million immigrants

600,000 undocumented women and their 3.3 million US born children

For May 1st March and Boycott


Who: Leaders and immigrant rights organizations

When: Wednesday April 18, 2007 at 3:00 PM

Where: La Plazita Kiosk No. Main ST & Cesar Chavez Ave

Immigrant Rights leaders will stage 14 day-plus- rolling hunger involving organizations, workers unions, students and thousands of immigrants and allies to demand of President Bush and Congress an expedient pro immigrant immigration reform that will unify families and end the campaign of raids and deportations in Latino neighborhoods and work places.

Participant leaders will be available for live interviews for 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 pm TV news programs.

The March 25 Coalition is the LA based umbrella organization which organized the March 25, 2006 1.7 million Mega March in LA, galvanized the country for the May 1 Great American Boycott and it is a founding member of the May 1 National Movement.

Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, led by Gloria Saucedo and Alicia Flores, is a mass membership organization of immigrants based in California and Nevada.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Organizer: Big Immigration Rallies Planned for May 1
Activists are planning a repeat of last year’s huge marches and protests in favor of legalizing immigrants and ending deportations.
By Andrew Murr

April 11, 2007 - Last year’s giant immigrant rallies culminated in a May 1 boycott as an estimated 1 million protesters marched peacefully in two dozen cities from Boston to Los Angeles. Now, organizers plan to do it again. Dubbed The Great American Boycott II and timed again to coincide with Labor’s traditional May Day celebration, leaders want immigrants to flex their economic muscles by abstaining from purchases, skipping school and attending mass rallies in cities from New York and Chicago to San Antonio.

Last year’s protests targeted the restrictive House bill authored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin that would have made illegal immigrants felons and mandated 700 miles of border fence. (The House later passed the bill, H.R. 4437, but it died in the Senate, which supported a more liberal measure.) This year’s agenda is broader and more diffuse. Organizers are pushing for an end to the recent spate of raids on businesses that hire large numbers of illegals. They also want to stop the federal government from splitting families by deporting undocumented parents whose U.S.-born children are American citizens. Longtime Los Angeles immigration activist Javier Rodriguez, one of last year’s organizers, says he expects “millions” of immigrants will participate, including a larger coalition of groups than last year. Rodriguez recently spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Andrew Murr. Excerpts:

NEWSWEEK: What is planned for May 1?
Javier Rodriguez:
We expect a national boycott that will be several times bigger than last year in its size, effectiveness and also in its political message. Easily, there will be over 100 cities that will be boycotting and/or marching throughout the country—primarily, the major cities and regions where the immigrant has staked his ground … California, Texas, Arizona, New York, Rhode Island, Illinois and elsewhere. I expect millions will participate.

Last spring’s rallies and boycott were driven by the House immigration bill sponsored by James Sensenbrenner. That’s no longer an issue. What’s the driving issue now?
The people see two things. One, they see that the Bush administration [approach] has not worked. They see the hypocritical message telling them that he is for family unity and for migrants to be able to legalize, while at the same time he has launched a campaign of persecution that has turned into psychological warfare. The people see right through that. It was those mass marches of last year that pushed the Latino electorate along with the antiwar sentiment that allowed them to defeat the Republican majority [in Congress]. It was a very astute move on the part of the immigrant community. That’s one. But the driving force was that they see their immigration status has not changed. Nothing has happened.

Who is participating this year?
In New York, we have the May 1st Coalition. We have labor support, the West Coast International Longshore Workers Union and we have immigrants’ rights groups, including the Hermandad Mexicana Nacional in Los Angeles. And a whole slew of other groups. We had 63 national organizations come to an organizing session in February. We’re a lot better organized. Last year, we launched the May 1 boycott -at the March 25 rally. This year, we’ve been at it for five months.

The immigrant community will be at the heart of this, but we expect other people to join in. [We are working with] the ranks of the antiwar movement and the African-American community. And also labor.

How about elected officials?

I’ll be very honest with you. At this point, we don’t have any. But with three weeks to go, as the momentum builds and the hype takes over, there will be many. Many of them joined in for the rally on March 25 last year. Even the mayor [Antonio Villaraigosa] of Los Angeles [who supported a mass rally but came out against the economic and school boycotts]. He’s an old buddy, [but] we definitely have different views. Last year, he didn’t close City Hall. He scabbed on our one-day boycott.

What do you mean?
He opened up City Hall.
Last year, we also had the California Speaker Fabian Núñez, [and] the Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero closed the … State Senate that day.

Last time, we had city council folks here in L.A., as well as in New York and in San Antonio. Many of them will show up for the rally. We have the rank-and-file priests on our side.

Have you spoken to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which opposed last year’s boycott?
We hope that they come to their senses and support us.

Last year, the Spanish-language DJs of Los Angeles provided key publicity for the March 25 rally, but then many opposed last year’s boycott. Are they on board this year?
We expect the majority of DJs to come and support the effort, meaning airing it on their programs and bringing it up in jokes, appeals, promos and cultural comments, just like last year. We are moving now. We approached [TV host] Don Cheto yesterday, and they are expecting an official letter from us and they agreed. We have another one who is not very political, Humberto Luna, who will be opening his program to us on a daily morning show on La Ranchera radio.

What effect do you expect this year’s boycott to have?
After the rallies last year, the opinion polls began to say that the majority of the American people were in favor of a legalization process. We want that to continue. It had to do with the fact that the immigrant community came out by the millions and they demanded respect. And we did it in such an orderly way, so civilly. We are calling for a humane plan to legalize all immigrants, and we want an end to the deportations and raids.


© 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The STRIVE ACT is Corporate Designed Immigration Reform

By Javier Rodriguez April 4, 2007

The debate in the nation on immigration reform is definitely on and the cards are once again stacked. The Gutierrez-Flake STRIVE ACT of 2007 is a corporate monster most of the way. It doesn't come close to meeting the human rights standards set forth by the international community for the more than 200 million migrants in the planet who, by designs of corporate globalization and its rising capitalist transnational class, have been forced to leave their home countries in search of a new life.

On the contrary the new STRIVE ACT, like last year’s failed Sensenbrenner-HR4437 and Hegel-Martinez S2611, will criminalize immigrants, allow enforcement of immigration law by police agencies, calls for more extreme border enforcement, calls for building 20 more detention centers for immigrants, will erode human rights for future deportees and future immigrants, it will impose an employer verification program, it will delay legalization for the 13 million immigrants already here for many years and not surprisingly it does not set realistic standards to resolve the immigration issue period. Overall, if approved, it will further set back the struggle for immigrant empowerment, make present and future immigrant workers more vulnerable to exploitation and drive them further underground.

The international criteria for immigrants set in 1987?, says migrants, within three years of living in the host country, have earned their right to legalize their status. By then, they have established roots in their adopted communities, creating family, children, culture, education, business and religion. This is a sounder humane approach to a real earned right to legalization, to be united with their families and to the stabilization of their lives.

In 1986, through the IRCA Immigration Reform Act, several million urban and farm workers, undocumented immigrants, regularized their status through a radically different set of standards. A one year wait for their permanent residency and five more for citizenship and the right to vote without having to leave the country. The farm worker clause was even more humane with a requirement of only three months of farm work in the previous two years to qualify. It set forth a fee of only $150.00 per applicant. That’s it. It was a family oriented law though far from perfect.

NOW COMPARE. By Cong. Luis Gutierrez own words, under the STRIVE ACT, the legalization part will not be implemented for two years until Congress confirms that the security border enforcement measures of the new law are in place, and then, only then will the legalization process begins. Then after, the first of two three year permits for non immigrant status will be issued with the right to a social security, a drivers license and leave and return to the country. After the sixth year the immigrant will have the right to solicit permanent residency. But instead of an automatic “Green Card” into the hands of the 13 million immigrants, all applicants will be placed in the back of the line for another 5 to 10 years wait, until the applications of 3 million plus potential immigrants now in process, which the STRIVE Bill does not address, are resolved. It does not stop there. An added five year wait to qualify for citizenship and the right to vote, which means, approximately a total 18 to 21 years to exert full earned constitutional rights which all Americans now enjoy under the constitution. Is this a corporate panacea or not?

The proposed house bill also establishes a quota for 450,000 yearly Conditional Workers, a euphemism for the old Guest Workers Program. Conditional Workers will have the right to: two three year working permits with the right to change jobs, to organize, bring their families and children with the right to school, to a drivers license, a social security and lastly, with an existing good moral conduct and no criminal background, the right to legalize. Seductive isn’t it. But like their 13 million immigrant counterparts already in the US, which hypothetically speaking, will be waiting in line for years for the “coveted Green Card” this sector will be highly vulnerable to small and large corporate business misconduct. Admittedly though, on par, the future undocumented sector will be several notches more exploitable.

According to leaks emanating from the Capital in the last two weeks, the Kennedy-McCain Senate proposal will use the same framework of S2611 which died last year. If so, for certain the conciliation process between the House and Senate will be a water down process for the Fable-Gutierrez Bill.

For the immigrant rights movement and allies the central question is “What is to be Done”? Already at the gate in tacit support of this concept is a powerful conglomerate of the most active wing of labor, big business, the Latino establishment, Democrats and Republicans, the church hierarchy, the Mexican and Central American governments and the moderate wing of the immigrant rights movement. And it is well financed with a war chest of $4 million dollars.

The accomplishments of the 2006 mass immigrant struggle are historic. Most notable was energizing the electorate and along with the antiwar sentiment changing the correlation of forces in Congress against the extreme right. Without a doubt President George W. Bush and the Republicans are in a weaker position although his shock troops have launched a near fascist campaign against the country‘s undocumented creating havoc and terror.

At this point, the correlation of forces is absolutely not favorable except that the country’s progressive forces and allies move from traditional lobbying towards mass mobilization in an attempt to gain the upper hand and influence the national debate for a more inclusive pro worker immigration reform. The activists response to the governments ICE raids and deportations campaign has been toe to toe and it appears, has set the conditions for another round of mega mass mobilizations. We shall see if the people respond accordingly again on May 1st International Workers Day in defense of their dignity and humanity. The challenge is as historic as in 2006.

Javier Rodriguez is the media and political strategist for the March 25 Coalition and a co-founder of the May 1st National Movement. 323-702-6397


    Donations are urgently needed!
    Please consider making a generous contribution to continue this important work.
    Donations can be made on-line or by making checks/money orders payable to "National May 1 Boycott" and mail to the address below.


Organizing Centers

    Tuesday, May 1
    5:00 pm - Rally/March - Las Brisas Shopping Center, Blvd. Diaz Ordaz

    Workers Information Center, Cittac
    011-52-664-622-4269 •

    Tuesday, May 1
    8:00 am - Gather SouthGate 3300 S. 6th Ave (6th Ave & 44th St)
    9:00 am - March to Downtown Tucson
    12:00 pm - Rally at Armory Park 220 S 5th Ave

    Tucson May 1st Coalition
    PO Box 1286
    Tucson AZ 85702
    520-770-1373 •
    Download flyers in Español and English

    Tuesday, May 1
    UC Davis Campus, Memorial Union Patio
    11-12:00 - Rally at MU patio with musicians and performers
    11:30 am - Solidarity Walk Out. Congregate at MU patio
    12:00 pm - March

    Davis Students Against War Resource

    Los Angeles
    Tuesday, May 1
    12:00 pm - March at the beginning of Olympic & Broadway

    National May 1st Movement for Worker & Immigrant Rights
    5274 West Pico Blvd. #203
    Los Angeles CA 90019
    Download flyers in Español and English

    Tuesday, May 1
    10:00 am - Rally - Corner of Crows Landing & Hatch Rds.
    Download flyers in Español/English

    Tuesday, May 1
    5-8:30 pm - corner of 2nd St. and Highway 74

    San Diego
    Tuesday, May 1
    3:00pm - March/Rally - Corner of Park and A

    Si Se Puede Coalition
    619-309-7435 •

    San Francisco
    Tuesday, May 1
    12:00 pm - Dolores Park in the Mission District
    1:00 pm - Grand March for Unconditional Amnesty to the Civic Center

    Movimiento Por Una Amnistia Incondicional/Movement for an Unconditional Amnesty

    San Francisco
    Tuesday, May 1
    7-9:00 pm - Mission & 24th Streets - Candlelight Vigil for Unconditional & General Amnesty

    Barrio Unido

    Tuesday, May 1
    10:00 am - Lincoln Park

    Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC)
    1212 Mariposa St; Suite 5
    Denver, CO 80204
    303.893.3500 •

    Tuesday, May 1
    10:00 AM – Plantón/Rally – Union Park [Ashland Ave. and Washington St.]
    12:00 PM – Marcha/March – Randolph St., Desplaines St., Jackson Blvd., Columbus Dr.
    2:00 PM – Plantón/Rally – Grant Park [Balbo Dr. and Columbus Dr.]

    March 10th Movement
    1638 S. Blue Island Ave
    Chicago, IL 60608

    Tuesday May 1

    5-7:00 pm - Rally/March - Gene Snyder Courthouse to Jefferson Park

    The Kentucky May Day Coalition
    Download flyers in Español and English

    Tuesday May 1

    4:00 pm - Rally/March - Boston Common

    Boston May Day Coalition
    617.290.5614 •

    Tuesday May 1

    2:00 pm - March from Everett City Hall
    3:00 pm - March from Chelsea City Hall
    4:00 pm - Rally in Central Square, East Boston

    Chelsea Collaborative
    300 Broadway Chelsea, MA 02150
    617.889.6080 •
    Download flyers in Español/English

    Tuesday May 1 - Time/Place - TBD

    Latinos Unidos/United de Michigan (LUUM)
    Rosendo Delgado - 313.887.1849
    Ignacio Meneses - 313.587.9285
    Elena Herrada - 313.974.0501
    Download flyers in Español and English

    Tuesday May 1

    4:00 pm - March - Lake St. & Nicollet St.

    MN Immigrant Rights Action Coalition (MIRAC)
    Download flyers in Español/English
    Download Posters in Español and English

    Las Vegas
    Tuesday May 1

    7:00 pm - US Federal Courthouse, 333 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

    United Coalition for Immigrant Rights
    740 N. Eastern Avenue, Suite 110
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

    New Jersey
    Tuesday May 1

    11:00 am - Warinanco Park
    Mass Meeting

    NJ May 1 Coalition
    973-736-0522 •

    New York
    Tuesday May 1
    3:00 pm - McKinley High School on Elmwood Avenue
    Marching to a Speakout at Elmwood and Bidwell
    Car caravan from there to City Hall

    Buffalo/WNY International Action Center

    New York City
    Tuesday May 1
    4:00 pm - Rally & March
    Union Square Park, 14 St. & Broadway
    Marching to Federal Plaza/ Foley Square
    (Site of the African Burial Ground)

    NYC May 1 Coalition
    55 W 17th St.
    New York, NY 10011
    646.291.2778 •>
    Download flyers in Español and English

    North Carolina
    Tuesday May 1

    4:00 pm - Central Ave & The Plaza
    gather in front of the Harris Teeter to show our support for the Justice at Smithfield Campaign being waged by workers.
    The march will end at the vigil called by Communities for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
    6:00 - Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center
    600 E. 4th St., Charlotte, NC 28202
    Contact: Ruben Campillo, (704) 531-3848

    May 1st Charlotte Movement for Workers & Immigrants Rights
    704.492.8527 •

    Tuesday May 1

    5-7:00 pm Rally - State Capitol

    North Carolina Justice Center
    919.856.2178 •

    Tuesday May 1

    5:00 pm - Rally/March - Allegheny County Jail, 2nd Ave.
    Marching to Mellon Square Park, 6th Ave.

    Pittsburgh Friends of Immigrants

    San Antonio
    Tuesday May 1

    12:00 pm - Rally - Milam Park
    6:00 pm - March

    Southwest Workers Union
    Download flyers in Español/English

    Tuesday May 1

    3:30 pm - March - Miller Park

    Grupo Comunitario por Justicia y Derechos de los Inmigrantes
    509.457.5867 or 509.930.6532

    Tuesday May 1

    12:00pm - Rally/March - Capitol to Brittingham Park

    Union de Trabajadores Inmigrantes
    Immigrant Workers Union
    608.345.9544 or 608.446.3656
    download flyers in Español or English

    Tuesday May 1

    Un Dia Sin Latin@s/A Day Without Latin@s
    Estatal Marcha por Derechos Civiles y Boicot/Statewide Civil Rights March & Boycott
    12:00 pm - Voces de la Frontera, 1027 S. 5th St.

    Voces de la Frontera
    Wisconsin Legalization Coalition
    414.643.1620 •
    download flyers in Español/English


    • Adelberto Central Methodist Church
    • Alianza Nueva Nacion de Guatemala en Los Angeles
    • Angelica Salas, Director - Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los
      Angeles (CHIRLA)
    • Association Tepayac de New York
    • Border Social Forum
    • Boston May Day Coalition
    • California Peace & Freedom Party
    • Centro Obrero, Michigan
    • Chris Silvera, Secretary Treasurer Local 808 Teamsters
    • Comite Pro-Amnistia y Justicia Social
    • Cynthia McKinney, former member of Congress
    • Elvira Arellano in Sanctuary Adalberto Church Chicago
    • Emma Goldman Chapter of SDS/MDS
    • Emma Lozano-Centro Sin Fronteras
    • Fr. Luis Barrios, San Romero de Las Americas Church
    • Frantz Mendes, Pres. USW L. 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers
    • Hermandad Mexicana Nacional-California-Nevada
    • Industrial Workers of the World
    • International Action Center
    • Korea Truth Commission - U.S.
    • Latinos Against War
    • LUUM-Latinos Unidos de Michigan
    • March 25th Coalition LA
    • May 1st Coalition-New York
    • MLK Jr. Bolivarian Circle, Boston
    • Most Rev. Filipe C Teixeira, OFSJC
      Northeastern Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, CCA
      Immigration Pastoral Center, Inc Massachusetts
    • Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
    • N.J. Civil Rights Defense Committee
    • NALAAC-National NGO Florida Convention
    • New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti
    • Northern California May 1 Coalition
    • Puerto Rican Alliance
    • San Romero de Las Americas Church-UCC
    • Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas-SME (Mexican Electrical Workers Union)
    • South Asian Network
    • Southwest Workers Union-San Antonio
    • Troops Out Now Coalition
    • Union de Trabajadores Inmigrantes
    • Union of Progressive Iranians
    • United American Indians of New England
    • United Front for Affordable Housing
    • US-Cuba Labor Exchange
    • Workers World Party
    • World Can't Wait

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